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Figuring out how to balance your to-do list or meet the home care needs of your loved one can be overwhelming. But don’t worry. CommuniCare Nurse Registry is here to help.

It’s as easy as calling (954) 362-7058 and setting up an assessment. Or by filling out the form on this page and we will get back to you quickly to finish the process. Life is difficult enough, so managing your life and setting up care shouldn’t be.

How to Pay for Home Care:

When chronic health conditions, recovery from a long-term  illness, dementia, or the  simple normal aging process makes it difficult for most senior to live at home safely.  In-home care can provide the supervision and assistance needed to “age in place” or assist one after recent hospitalization  to recuperate at home to  perform daily routines. Nevertheless, families are basically troubled about how much home care services will cost and what their financial options are.

In-home care costs vary by service level. Home care that is provided by trained medical professionals like licensed skilled nurse (RN, LPN) more expensive level of care at home.

Fortunately, there are many resources available to help families with financial planning for in-home care expenses.

Private Pay Options 

Most families pay out of pocket for in-home care services. Possible sources used to cover private pay home care expenses might include individual retirement accounts (IRAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), pensions, investments, annuities, real estate, and Social Security benefits. 

Veterans Benefits That Cover In-Home Care

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Standard Medical Benefits Package may be used to provide various levels of home and community-based services as an alternative to nursing home care as a way of delivering respite care for veterans and their family caregivers. The VA’s Skilled Home Health Care Services (SHHC), Homemaker and Home Health Aide Services (H/HHA), and Home-Based Primary Care programs are available to all veterans who meet eligibility requirements for standard benefits, although some additional conditions may apply.

VA pensions are a source of funding that can help cover the costs of home care for veterans and their surviving spouses. In addition to the basic Veterans Pension, “improved” pensions (categorized as Aid & Attendance or Housebound) increase the monetary benefits available to veterans and surviving spouses whose needs require a higher level of care.

Long-Term Care Insurance Benefits Cover In-Home Care

Long-term care insurance is a type of insurance purchased from private companies to cover the costs of nursing home care, assisted living and home health care. Benefits and services covered vary depending on the plan.  

Life Insurance

There are several ways seniors can access life insurance policies in effort to pay for home health care. Options include taking a loan from the policy’s cash value or surrendering the policy entirely in exchange for the cash value.

Medicaid Coverage of In-Home Care

Medicaid is a joint state and federal program that provides health coverage to individuals with low income and limited assets. Home care services can be paid through Medicaid Long-term Care Waiver is to provide services to eligible individuals age 18 or older who need long-term services supports. The Long-term Care Waiver is designed to delay or prevent institutionalization and allow waiver recipients to maintain stable health while receiving services at home, and in the community. Individuals in the program may also be served in a nursing facility setting.  

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